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My family and I appreciate your support for my Conservative 3 E’s Campaign: Economy, Education, and Ethics and my campaign for the Republican Primary race for Florida House 50 in East Orange and North Brevard. Please VOTE on August 28th, 2018

I invite you to hear about my dedication and key issues for District 50.  If you share my enthusiasm or you are interested in more information about my campaign, please contact me for details. Your donation is greatly appreciated. In Liberty! George

George Out In Your Community

George Collins speaking to the Space Coast Republican Club

Listen to Rene Plasencia's excuses for his votes on Fracking and Sanctuary Cities

Working for you on key issues in Central Florida!

Health Care

George Collins supports the best healthcare for Floridians. However, George insists that expanding Medicaid with Obamacare is not the solution “Obamacare Healthcare has been an inefficient bureaucratic and expensive nightmare. I support the best healthcare for all Floridians including the working poor without the mandates from Washington. The patient, and medical professionals know the best solution without the intrusion of the Federal Obamacare bureaucracy.”

Sanctuary Cities

George Collins strongly believes that the security of Floridians is at risk in the Sanctuary city and county environment. “I insist on strict enforcement of crimes committed by illegal immigrants in order for Floridians to lead safe and secure lives. Sanctuary policies assist illegal immigrants and provide an environment for gangs, drug cartels, and terrorist cells.” Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has blamed illegal immigration policy for Kate Steinle’s death. And former Florida Governor agrees that such policies encourage crime.


George Collins actively participates in both the Titusville and the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce. George has met with many business owners who complain about too many cumbersome and expensive regulations from Tallahassee. George is following the revitalization of the Space Program and the expansion of Innovation Way in East Orange County. George has been actively working with the Entrepreneur Center in Orange County to provide the necessary tools to assist the small business community. Keep the Dream Alive.”

Water Quality

George believes that Water is Florida’s most precious resource. Mr. Collins has been actively working with East Orange residents with their concerns about water quality and is in regular communication with all levels of government to help find a solution with available grants.“ I want all Floridians to have an ample supply of safe drinking water that has been regularly tested for purity. George has also taken an active role on the Titusville Chamber Government Affairs Committee in exploring solutions with Brevard leaders to the clean-up of the Indian River Lagoon. “Clean-up of the Indian River Lagoon will be my top priority. I’m currently reviewing research data in Florida and across the nation.”


“Without ethics our political and corporate way of life is like a House of Cards. Floridians must trust their elected Representative.” George has been on the forefront supporting Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency in Government. “Political Committees must have full disclosure, financial limitations, and accountability.” George has also been a strong supporter of enforcement of the Residency Rules for Candidates and State Legislators. George and his family are longtime residents of Central Florida.” I believe that it’s of the utmost importance that your Representatives lives in the district that he or she represents. ” Rep Plasencia has received financial support and complementary mailers from the Republican Party of Florida which is a violation of RPOF Rule 8. Rep. Plasencia does not reside in our FL House District 50.


Professor George Collins teaches Communication courses at Valencia College. Professor Collins supports college internships. “My son benefited from the internship program in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Central Florida. George also supports the expansion of Technical Schools. “I benefited from my Technical education in the Air Force that provided me with a longtime technical career in civilian life. There are high-paying jobs that can’t be filled because of the lack of skilled technical training. And I don’t support Common Core. There is too much standardized testing that is impairing classroom learning. I constantly listen to teachers, school administrators, student, and parents.


Our Florida roads are near capacity and require better long-term planning. Mass transportation is another way to assist in easing road traffic congestion. I have surveyed District 50 residents who complain about traffic congestion, and numerous fatal accidents. I will continue to review all modes of Mass-Transportation for cost effectiveness and safety in Florida. I recently enjoyed meeting the Port Director and CEO and hearing his vision on the future of the Port. The plans for the Port will have a positive impact on the Central Florida Economy. The new Logistics Center in Titusville will also benefits Brevard County for future jobs and business growth.

Veterans Housing

Former U.S. Air Force Veteran George Collins is concerned about Veterans in our District, “I’m alarmed about the growing population of homeless veterans. I participated in the recent annual car show at Temple Baptist Church in Titusville that supports homeless Veterans. And I’m concerned about the limited counseling provided to our returning brave Veterans.” George was honored to receive the Counseling to Careers for Veterans Certificate.


George and his wife Carol enjoy bike riding throughout Orange and Brevard Counties. George and Carol enjoy concerts, plays, the Florida beaches and ocean cruises with their family. George recently attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for the bike and pedestrian trail in Titusville that will connect across the state to St. Petersburg. George was Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Board in Orange County during the planning of bike and pedestrian trails and overpasses and expansion of parks. George also enjoys flying single and double engine aircraft with his son. George has earned a Commercial-Instrument pilot license.


The Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida and
Scott Ellis – Brevard County Clerk of Courts